About US

We believe in translating your creative idea into a sustainable business.


PitchitUS is for the entrepreneur, the budding inventor, and the aspiring startup founder. PitchitUS is for the creative thinker, as well as for the action-oriented taskmaster. We tailor our work to fit your specific needs and goals, whether it is finding mentors and buyers for your product, or selling your business idea to a third party. You’ll have access to an enriching network of business professionals, and PitchitUS will serve as your facilitator. If you have a business idea that you believe in, we’ll connect you with the people who can make your vision a reality. Join us today to experience the future of startups!


PitchitUS is a marketing and networking company that caters to your unique creative vision. Our company is staffed by experienced professionals to help you achieve your startup goals and become your own boss. We promote your business and provide the necessary business development support for your idea to succeed. We believe in the progressive power of individual thinkers, which is why PitchitUS commits to pursuing your goals alongside you.

Our passion translates into lasting results. By customizing our approach to each business, we are able to assess your products, recommend specific market-based improvements, and help create demand in the market.

We believe in translating your creative idea into a sustainable business.


You are the engine that drives change, caters to new and developing markets, and provides creative solutions to everyday problems. If others have rolled their eyes at your many business ideas, Pitchitus is the platform for you. We’ve assembled the idea-makers, the dreamers, the developers, and the believers so you can find the right audience for your business concept.

Sometimes you just need that little push or confirmation and support to take you to the next step and achieve your goal. You might be a couple of steps away from achieving your dream.


Years ago, one of our founders had a business idea and wanted to create a product, so she connected with a local mentor. She shared her product idea and vision, which her mentors completely rejected. They told her that it wouldn’t work, and that people wouldn’t buy the product. As a result, she gave up on her dream. Months later, the product she had pitched to them appeared on the market.

She was devastated by the outcome, but concluded that if there’d been a place to claim and share her invention, things could have been different. There are countless stories like hers - connecting
them to the right mentors would have led to better results – hence the birth of PitchitUS. Whether you need consultants for product development, prototypes, or end buyers, PitchItUS was designed to help creative thinkers realize their dreams, and evolve their startup business ideas in the face of adversity.